Ministerial working group on social transformation: Implementation of Finland's Digital Compass progresses

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Publication date 11.12.2023 10.28 | Published in English on 12.12.2023 at 10.02
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At its meeting of 8 December 2023, the ministerial working group on social transformation adopted the roadmap for Finland's Digital Compass. The roadmap specifies the measures for achieving the objectives set out for the Digital Compass.

A tool for guiding Finland's digital transformation, the Digital Compass develops digitalisation to make life easier for people and to help businesses. It contains the objectives for advancing the digital transformation of society, which are divided into four categories: competence, infrastructure, public services and businesses.

Stakeholders have contributed to the Digital Compass implementation roadmap. 

"Finland is at the forefront of promoting digital transform and the data economy. Our Digital Compass and its roadmap will strengthen cooperation both within the Government and across society. We are also spurring the EU to achieve an efficient, safe and effective digital transition,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne.

During the current government term, conditions will be created for different sectors to make better use of data. Several measures will be put in place to improve cyber security. The digital capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises will be developed, as will digital competence throughout society.

Advancing digitalisation of public services

Finland's Digital Compass facilitates digitalisation in many areas of life, including education and training and public services. Measures to be taken during the current government term include promoting the priority of digital services and developing digital services based on life events. 

“An efficient digital transition requires extensive competence and strong development of public services based on the needs of people and businesses. One example of a life-event-oriented approach is using digital services to make it easier for people to manage the affairs of their deceased relatives,” says Minister of Local and Regional Government Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

Finland’s Digital Compass is based on the EU’s the Digital Decade 2030 programme. All Member States must draw up plans to facilitate the digital transformation. Finland submitted its plan to the European Commission in October. The implementation roadmap, which has now been adopted, supplements Finland's plan.

The implementation roadmap will be updated yearly. Decisions on investments will be made as part of the budget process.


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