Minister Ranne travels to Stockholm on an advocacy dialogue visit

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 29.1.2024 8.44 | Published in English on 29.1.2024 at 11.18
Press release
Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne (Photo: Ministry of Transport and Communications)

Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne will visit Stockholm on 29 January 2024. This is Minister Ranne’s first official visit to Sweden. She will meet Minister for Infrastructure and Housing Andreas Carlson and Minister for Public Administration Erik Slottner.

Ministers Ranne and Carlson will discuss Nordic cooperation and preparations for Sweden’s NATO membership in the transport sector.

“Nordic cooperation in transport preparedness and contingency planning is of great importance. We have already worked actively with Sweden in this area and are now intensifying our cooperation further,” says Minister Ranne.

They will also discuss how to exert advance influence on the European Commission’s forthcoming five-year programme. 

“Nordic co-operation is bearing fruit. An example of this is the EU Directive on weights and dimensions, which is very significant for both Finland and Sweden and for cross-border traffic between our countries. We have jointly exerted influence on the details that are important to us, and we aim to ensure that our countries remain competitive in the future,” she says.

“Another example is TEN-T cooperation and, in particular, main road 21. In future, land transport connection from Finland through Sweden to Narvik in Norway, which strengthens security of supply and military mobility, will be one of the most important cooperation projects” Minister says.

The discussions with Minister Slottner, who is responsible for digitalisation in public administration, will focus on critical infrastructure, among other things.

“Last December, we sent a letter to the Commission together with Sweden and Estonia asking the Commission to propose measures for improving the safety and sustainability of the European underwater infrastructure. We work closely with Sweden in a wide range of matters regarding sub-marine cables. The importance of our cooperation is further emphasised by the serious ongoing situation in the foreign and security policy environment” says Minister Ranne.

In addition, the Ministers will discuss the Commission’s upcoming White Paper on regulating and influencing the telecommunications market. Joint opportunities to exert influence on the European Commission’s five-year programme will also be sought.


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