Minister Ranne: Construction of median barriers at Konginkangas crash site finally under way

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 19.3.2024 9.48 | Published in English on 21.3.2024 at 17.09
Press release
Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne.
Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne. (Image: Fanni Uusitalo, VNK)

The Accident Investigation Board issued several recommendations after the Konginkangas bus crash 20 years ago, but some recommendations have yet to be fully implemented.

“Construction of median barriers at the Konginkangas crash site has finally begun. Funding for the construction was already awarded in 2021, and now the work will start. This project is one example of the Government’s priorities, which include road safety,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne.

The first plan for the construction of the median barrier was completed in 2009, but there was no funding to carry it out. Funding for the project was awarded in 2021. Now, according to the website of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the road engineering plan has been renewed and the project is under way. 


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