Minister Berner to meet Commissioner Bulc and top transport experts

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 29.11.2016 9.30
Press release

Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner will meet Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc in Helsinki on 29 November. In addition to their bilateral discussions, Minister Berner and Commissioner Bulc will attend the MaaS Summit, organised by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Minister Berner and Commissioner Bulc will discuss the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) approach and its promotion as well as Finland's advanced transport legislation. They will also talk about new forms of transport system financing and open transport data, among other topics.

Traffic emission reductions will be a key topic in both the bilateral discussions and the MaaS Summit. Achieving the emission reduction targets in the Paris Climate Change Agreement will require new kinds of thinking and services.

"The emission reduction targets are tough to achieve, and we need to act now. I hope we will have frank discussions today and that we will find support for new thinking on how to organise environmentally friendly transport services. There is enormous potential and lots of business opportunities in transport services, and we need good cooperation to reach the best outcomes," Minister Berner says.

"The new MaaS concepts, where the users' mobility needs are addressed by means of a service package, will drive progress towards a transport system that combines different modes of transport in a user-oriented way. Such a transport system would also be more energy efficient and lower in emissions," Commissioner Bulc says.

The MaaS Summit, organised for the second time, brings together top transport experts from around the world, including representatives from business and industry, research institutes and the public sector. It will be organised in conjunction with the SLUSH event.

Mobility as a Service, MaaS, is a Finnish concept that has attracted worldwide attention.


Veera Kojo, Senior Officer for Legal Affairs, tel. +358 295 34 2382 (Commissioner Bulc's visit)

Pyry Takala, Senior Officer, tel. +358 295 34 2027 (MaaS Summit)