Minister Berner to attend the EU Telecommunications Council meeting in Luxembourg

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 23.10.2017 15.07
Press release

European Union telecommunications ministers will meet in Luxembourg on 24 October. In the meeting, Finland will be represented by Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner.

The Council will hold policy debates on the digital internal market strategy and cyber security. The debates will follow up on discussions at the Tallinn Digital Summit and October European Council. At an informal lunch, the ministers will discuss practical steps for achieving 5G connectivity and the reform of the regulatory framework for electronic communications.

Finland supports the goal of the strategy to take full advantage of digitalisation and create the best possible environment for developing the data economy across the EU.

"The key principle in developing the data economy in the EU is free movement of data. However, a clear environment in terms of data availability and use for innovative products and services is also important," Minister Berner says.

Earlier in the autumn a Commission communication on improving cyber security and a draft regulation on EU-wide certifications were published. The discussions to be held by the ministers will be used as a basis for drafting Council conclusions on the Commission communication.

Minister Berner says that it is important to create a favourable environment for making information security an inseparable and central part of digital services used in Europe or provided for global use.

"However, at the same time we must ensure that we will not isolate Europeans and prevent them from using digital services or business platforms produced elsewhere. Cyber security can only be achieved, if we find a global approach on how to increase trust in digital operating methods and how to stop cyber security infringements in other countries," Minister Berner says.

She also says that digital internal market should not be created only from the EU's perspective but the aim should be to provide global solutions.

"The conditions for the digital economy must be supported with ambition. It is not enough that cross-border digital markets operate within the EU. Regulation should not exclude services outside the European Union and, correspondingly, European companies should be able to expand outside the EU," she says.


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