Government proposes EUR 3.36 billion for the Ministry of Transport and Communications budget

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 19.9.2017 15.12
News item
Photo: VNK/Laura Kotila
Photo: VNK/Laura Kotila

The Government proposes that EUR 3.36 billion be allocated to the administrative branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for 2018. It is EUR 134 million more than in the 2017 budget.

It is proposed that EUR 2 billion be allocated to the transport network, EUR 214 million to transport subsidies and outsourced services, EUR 523 million to communication services and networks and communication subsidies, EUR 70 million to services for transport provided by the authorities, EUR 495 million to administration and joint expenditure for the administrative branch, and EUR 45 million to services concerning the weather, sea and climate conditions.

In transport infrastructure maintenance, emphasis will be on the condition and quality of transport routes. A total of EUR 1.4 billion is proposed to be allocated to basic transport infrastructure maintenance. Of this appropriation EUR 453 million will be allocated to reducing the repair debt in Government's key strategic projects. The aim is to curb the growth of the repair debt. The government repair debt programme focuses on management of the repair debt, businesses' and individuals' customer needs, digitalisation and new services.

A total of EUR 505 million will be allocated to development investments. The Government proposes that four new development projects be launched in 2018: Ring Road I at Laajalahti (EUR 20 million), park-and-ride arrangements for the western metro extension (EUR 7 million), Vuosaari fairway (EUR 12.5 million) and Kokkola fairway (EUR 45 million).