Finns studying abroad again entitled to train ticket discounts

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 8.4.2009 12.10
News item

Finns studying abroad will again be entitled to a student discount at VR, the Finnish railway company. In the future, Finns studying abroad who receive student financial aid in Finland are eligible for the discount.

Finnish citizens studying abroad are eligible for student financial aid in Finland if they are domiciled in Finland and the studies in a foreign country can be considered temporary. Student financial aid can also granted on the same conditions to citizens of the EU and EEA member countries and Switzerland permanently residing in Finland and their family members.

The conflict between the VR and students arose about a year ago when the VR abolished the discount of Finns studying abroad on a full-time basis. The company justified its decision by saying that the system treated different nationalities unequally and was therefore in violation of the founding treaty of the EU.