Finland and Russia signed agreements on icebreaking and road transport

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 15.9.2014 18.15
Press release

Harri Pursiainen, Permanent Secretary of the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, and Sergei Aristov, Russian Deputy Minister of Transport, signed two agreements between Finland and Russia on 15 September. The agreements provide clearer rules for road transport between the countries and a framework for cooperation in icebreaking services. Amendments to the international road transport agreement in force between Finland and Russia deal with payment of taxes and road charges, taxi transport and validity of national driving licences. The agreement also confirms the right of Russian transport operators to apply higher weights in Finland than in Russia.

Provisions concerning taxi transport across the border are added to the agreement to provide clearer rules for cross-border transport. A taxi service provider will be allowed to pick up a passenger or a group of passengers from the area of the other party to the agreement, if the taxi is booked in advance and the pick-up point agreed in advance.

The agreement on icebreaking services enables Finnish icebreakers to operate in the eastern parts of the Gulf of Finland in the territorial waters of Russia in return for compensation. Reciprocally, Russian icebreakers can assist vessels operating to Finnish ports in the Gulf of Finland. Operations in territorial waters are always subject to a permit from the authorities.

Flexible use of the icebreaking capacity will make winter navigation in the eastern Gulf of Finland more efficient during severe ice winters and improve its safety. The agreement will open up new markets for Finnish enterprises in icebreaking services.

Further information: Harri Pursiainen, Permanent Secretary, tel. +358 295342389