Driving licence reform proceeds to Parliament

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 19.10.2017 13.48
News item
Young man at wheel (Kuva: Rodeo, Juha Tuomi)
Young man at wheel (Kuva: Rodeo, Juha Tuomi)

The Government has submitted a proposal on amending the Driving Licence Act to Parliament. The purpose of the proposal is to simplify and streamline the regulation of driving instruction and to promote the use of new alternative instruction and learning methods. The amendments proposed apply to licences other than those for driving lorries, buses and coaches.

"The amendments pay more attention to learners: what do they know, which training alternative suits them, and how much instruction do they need. There will be more alternatives for acquiring driving instruction," says Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner.

In particular, the reform focuses on traffic safety.

"In order to maintain traffic safety, the difficulty of both theory tests and driving tests will be increased, and it is proposed that it would be compulsory for people acquiring a driving licence for a car to pass an eight-hour course on risk identification," says Berner.