Digital Barometer 2018: Finland ranked third

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 6.6.2018 9.00
News item

The level of digitalisation in Finland has been measured against that of 22 other countries. In the annual Digital Barometer survey, Finland was ranked third this year. The United States climbed from the sixth to second place and passed Finland. Norway continues to hold the first place. Finland has occupied one of the three best places of the Digital Barometer throughout its history. 

The Barometer indicates the changes in the "digital position" of the nation, also in relation to other countries

In this report, the discussion on artificial intelligence started by the Digital Barometer 2017 is more practically oriented. The first thematic part of the report introduces the national Artificial Intelligence Accelerator tool that aims to help enterprises assess their AI readiness. The second thematic part compares, by means of data analysis, the ability of Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish companies in digital marketing and sales. The third part touches upon the EU General Data Protection Regulation that has been applied since 25 May 2018. 

The Nordic countries are well represented on the top places of the Barometer

The Digital Barometer measures how digitalisation can be utilised in society. The measurements are completed at three levels: the requirements, use and impact levels, as well as in three main sectors: the enterprise, people and public sectors. 

The Nordic countries are well represented as Norway holds the first and Finland the third place. Sweden comes fifth, after the Netherlands, and Denmark sixth. 

The Digital Barometer by Business Finland, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Technology Industries and Ecommerce Finland was published for the fifth time. 

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