Digibarometer: Requirements and use of digitalisation in Finland are high

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 11.6.2019 9.40
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Requirements and use of digitalisation in Finland are high. (Photo: Shutterstock)
Requirements and use of digitalisation in Finland are high. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The level of digitalisation in Finland has again been measured against that of 22 other countries. In the annual Digibarometer survey, Finland was ranked third this year. The first place is now held by the United States which was ranked second last year. Denmark, which was number six, came second and Norway was ranked fifth after having been ranked the first last year.

Throughout the history of the Digibarometer, since 2014, Finland's ranking has been among the best three.

The Barometer indicates the changes in the "digital position" of the nation, also in relation to other countries. The Digibarometer measures how digitalisation can be utilised in society. The measurements are completed at three levels: the requirements, use and impact, as well as in three main sectors: the business, people and public sectors.

Digitalisation of great importance to businesses

Three out of four business respondents are of the opinion that digitalisation is at least fairly significant in their operations. Particularly within the industry, attention paid to digitalisation has increased. The extent of big data usage has somewhat grown. The changes have been especially evident in the transport and forwarding sectors. According to the Barometer, the number of businesses making use of big data in those sectors has doubled in two years.

In the last few years, cyber security has assumed an increasingly important role in the digital capabilities.  In Finland, preparedness to combat cyber threats has essentially improved. According to the Barometer, in terms of securing the critical infrastructure, there is still room for improvement.  

The amount, exchange and analytics of data are expected to grow enormously in future years. They will also substantially increase the need for IT resources and energy supply.

The Digital Barometer by Business Finland, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Technology Industries and Ecommerce Finland was published for the sixth time.

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