Construction of 800 MHz mobile networks to speed up

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 29.8.2011 11.48
Press release

Finland and Russia have agreed on the coordination of the 800 MHz frequency band. As a result, the timetable for the uptake of new generation mobile networks is sped up by several years.

In Finland, a decision had already been made at an earlier stage to allocate the 800 frequency band to new, high-speed mobile communications networks. In Russia, the same frequency band is used by air navigation systems, which is why taking it into use in Finland has required frequency coordination.

According to Minister of Housing and Communications Ms Krista Kiuru, it is a great accomplishment that the construction of high-speed broadband networks can now commence a lot earlier than previously planned.

Constructing networks in the frequency band now made available is considerably cheaper as compared to higher frequency ranges. The uptake of the 800 band will also promote the construction of fast broadband connections outside built-up areas.

According to Ms Kiuru, a spectrum policy resolution will be issued on how licences are to be granted in the 800 band. Drafting of the resolution has already started at the Ministry.

'The resolution needs to outline conditions for issuing licences along with measures for securing the rights of the radio microphone user groups still operating in the 800 frequency band,' Ms Kiuru says.

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Krista Kiuru