Common principles for the transport market

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 9.5.2019 11.57
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Autonomous bus on the street (Photo: Aleksanrda Suzi, Shutterstock)
Autonomous bus on the street (Photo: Aleksanrda Suzi, Shutterstock)

Together with operators in the transport sector, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has prepared a Handbook for the sector with the purpose of providing guidance particularly concerning the roles of the private and public sectors in the transport markets and clarifying the common vision of how to make use of the growth potential in the sector. The draft Handbook has been sent out for comments with a deadline of 31 May 2019.

It mainly comprises of eight common principles for promoting the development of user-oriented, equal and sustainable transport markets and business-driven growth.

The principles invite the operators in the transport market to promote:

Efficient, safe and secure transport system

Transport markets where renewal is guided by competition

Closer cooperation between the public and private sectors

Clear roles of the operators

Interoperability of publicly purchased and market-driven services

Expertise and transparency in public procurements

Electronic transport, automatisation and emergence of service and experimental culture

Attractiveness of transport professions

To support the common principles, the Handbook includes a description of the growth potential in the field of transport and the different roles of the public sector in the transport markets.

In the reform of the transport sector, the public sector has an important role. Examples of public measures that create a favourable operating environment are enabling policies and regulation. Public procurements and experiments and their requirements support the development of the markets, business models and technological solutions.

The Handbook also aims to promote the practical implementation of the Act on Transport Services. The goal of the Act is to provide people with better transport services and to promote the digitalisation of services.

Part of the National Growth Programme for the Transport Sector

The Handbook is one of the measures in the National Growth Programme for the Transport Sector 2018-2022.

The basis for the Growth Programme is that the research field and public and private sectors together promote the business-driven development, growth and internationalisation of the sector.  The focus is on developing business-based operating environments and customer-oriented services.

The aim of the Programme is to provide growth for the transport sector that has several business-driven cooperation networks aiming at international growth. A further goal is to make Finland attractive for investments and the testing and piloting platforms. 

The Growth Programme is a cooperation project including ministries, authorities and cities as well as operators and enterprises in the transport sector. The project is led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

What next?

A draft Handbook has been sent out for comments. They can be submitted online at until 31 May 2019.

Following the consultation round, the preparations will continue by Ministry officials and working groups. The aim is to complete the Handbook by autumn 2019.