Commission Communication presents a wide range of options for reduction of transport emissions

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 20.7.2016 14.45
Press release

The European Commission has issued its proposal for the climate and energy package until 2030. The package includes an Effort Sharing Decision concerning emissions reductions in the non-emissions trading sector, a proposal on land use and forestry measures, as well as communications on low-emission transport modes and on transfer to a low-carbon economy. In the Effort Sharing Decision, the proposed reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for Finland is 39% of the level in 2005.

In its Communication, the Commission sets out measures aiming at lower transport emissions. The three main elements of the proposal are: low-emission energy for transport, low- and zero-emission vehicles, and optimised and efficient transport systems.

- The proposed entities correspond to Finland's policies, and they have already been taken into account in the Government Programme. A more efficient transport system and emissions reductions are among the objectives of the Transport Code, which is under preparation at the Ministry, says Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner.

Low-emission alternative energy options include biofuels, electricity and hydrogen. Modernising the vehicle fleets, in particular, would promote the target of low- and zero-emission vehicles. The digitalisation of transport and new transport services, which combine different transport modes, and smart logistic solutions play a central role in improving the efficiency of transport systems.

- A decision will now be made at the national level on how Finland can cost-effectively achieve the emissions targets. The sectors and actions to be focused on will be specified during the further preparations, Minister Berner notes.

Road traffic is the biggest source of emissions in the non-emissions trading sector in Finland. Transport accounts for about 40% of the non-emissions trading system sector.

The 2030 emissions reduction targets for the EU were adopted by the European Council in October 2014. In the emissions trading sector, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 43% and in the Effort Sharing sector by 30% compared to 2005.


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