Commission approved environmental aid scheme for Finnish vessels

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 19.12.2011 10.40
News item

The European Commission has approved an aid scheme for vessels that aims at environmental protection. In its decision, the Commission considers the Finnish aid scheme to meet the requirements set in the guidelines on aid for environmental protection.

The Commission's approval was a precondition for Finland being able to implement the Government Decree on the general conditions regarding aid for investments improving environmental protection.

Under the Government Decree, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications granted in December 2010 EUR 28 million to Viking Line Abp and EUR 2 million to Gaiamare Ltd for vessel investments improving the level of environmental protection. The decisions were subject to the approval of the European Commission.

Because of the amount of aid concerned, the Viking Line aid requires a separate approval from the European Commission. The decision on granting aid to Viking Line was sent to the European Commission for approval in December 2011 and is, therefore, currently being handled by the Commission. A reply is expected during the spring of 2012.