Amendment to Transport Services Act concerning customer transport in tourism sector confirmed

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 13.7.2018 11.26
Press release

Customer transport in the tourism sector is being facilitated by changing the Transport Services Act.

The Government proposed on 13 July 2018 that the amendment to the Act be adopted. The Act enters into force on the same day.

Under the change, companies must hold a taxi licence but the driver is not required to be a holder of a taxi driving licence when home and tourism services companies provide transport as part of their service package.

Transport must constitute only a minor part of the service package. The service package must be sold as a whole and companies are not allowed to provide separate transport services.  A typical example is ecotourism where guides transport customers from accommodation to the place of departure.

In a case where a company provides transport against separate payment, for example to the airport, the driver must always hold a taxi driving licence. The exemption does not open possibilities for providing rides reimbursed by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland or municipalities without a taxi driving licence.

The amendment facilitates the availability of labour and the employment of seasonal workers in the sector. It will also have positive effects on companies providing home and tourism services.

Inquiries: Elina Immonen, Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 295 34 2126

Anne Berner