5G spectrum auction begins

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 26.9.2018 8.55
Press release

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority will start the auction of operating licences within the spectrum of 3410-3800 MHz on 26 September 2018. There are three network licences in the auction.

The spectrum will allow the construction of 5G networks. The starting price for the frequencies is EUR 21 million or 23 million depending on the frequency band in question and its properties.

Information concerning the auction participants is not public. After the closing of the auction, the Ministry of Transport and Communications will announce the winners and the winning bids.

The auction is part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications' strategy that aims to position Finland as one of the international leaders in testing, developing and introducing 5G networks.

5G is a next generation mobile communications technology that enables faster wireless connections and more reliable data transfer with shorter delays. The introduction of 5G will improve the quality and capacity of high-speed wireless broadband connections. It is also expected to bring new services and business opportunities to the transport sector and industry, for example.

Finland will be one of the first countries in Europe to award licences for the 3.5 GHz spectrum that will allow the construction of 5G networks.


Päivi Antikainen, Director of Data Business Unit, [email protected], tel. +358 50 382 7101

Sini Wirén, Senior Adviser for Communications, tel. +358 40 507 0916