Tuomas Sorsa appointed to serve as Special Adviser to Minister Ranne

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 27.11.2023 9.03 | Published in English on 27.11.2023 at 13.31
Press release
Special Adviser Tuomas Sorsa (Photo: Ministry of Transport and Communications)

Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne has invited Tuomas Sorsa to serve as her Special Adviser.

Sorsa, who holds a master's degree in Science, Technology, will be responsible for digital, data and cyber matters as well as for communications networks and media relations.

He comes to the position from his previous post as Concept Manager at SOK. Sorsa has worked in supply chain and logistics development in the commercial sector since 2015.

He took up his duties as Special Adviser on 22 November 2023.


Tuomas Sorsa, Special Adviser to the Minister, tel. +358 295 342 012, [email protected]