Transport Code enables better transport services

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 18.4.2016 13.09
News item

Legal provisions on transport market will be brought together under one act, the Transport Code. The reform aims to support new service models and better respond to the needs of transport users. The Transport Code will make market access easier and promote the interoperability of the different parts of the transport system.

The Transport Code will cover all transport modes. In the first phase, the focus has been on road transport, where the need for changes is most significant. In the legislative proposal, road transport regulation will become closer to the market regulations in force for other transport modes.

As part of a Government key project, the Transport Code will build a growth environment for digital business. In line with the Government Programme, the transport sector will remove obstacles to the development of new services that utilise digitalisation. The Transport Code will promote the introduction of interoperable digital ticket and payment systems by ensuring open information and payment interfaces. The Code is also part of the Government key project on deregulation. The Transport Code will pave the way for the Mobility as a Service concept.