The Ministry of Transport and Communications on the Net during Finland's EU Presidency

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 9.6.2006 14.25
Press release
Special website for the Presidency period

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland has opened a special website in English for the period of Finland's Presidency of the EU. The site is located at

The new website provides information about Finland's transport and communication priorities during the Presidency, news about current affairs, the contents of ministerial speeches and announcements, information about key people, contact details, web publications and details of coming events.

Susanna Huovinen, Finland's Minister of Transport and Communications, appears in a video introduction on the website. The site also features a look at transport and communications the Finnish way, with the help of some pictures, short narratives and a quiz.

The Prime Minister's Office will also have a special website during Finland's EU Presidency at

Main website in several languages

The Ministry's main website will continue to provide news and information in several languages.

Most of the material is in Finnish, Swedish and English, but the French, German and Russian pages have also been updated and refurbished to provide basic information about transport and communications in Finland, as well as about the Ministry and the Minister herself, and useful contact details.

The web addresses of the Ministry sites are as follows:

- Finnish:
- Swedish:
- English:
- French:
- German:
- Russian
- EU Presidency:

Press releases by e-mail

Ministry press releases will be published on the Ministry's websites, and they can also be ordered as e-mails according to the topic concerned. The five topics are "EU affairs", "Transport", "Communications", "Press releases in English" and "Press releases in Swedish".

For further information please contact:
Ms Johanna Anttila, Chief Web Editor, tel: +358 9 160 28329
Mr Juha Pitkäranta, Information Officer, tel: +358 9 160 28010