The Ministry of Transport and Communications’ draft budget totals EUR 2,291.3 million

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 31.7.2009 13.26
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The draft budget.
The draft budget.

The draft budget for the administrative sector of the Ministry of Transport and Communications totals EUR 2,291.3 million (EUR 1,929.8 million excluding VAT).

The Ministry proposes that a 15 km bypass road be constructed for E18 in Hamina, and the 17 km motor-traffic way between Koskenkylä and Loviisa be changed into a motorway. A 39 km motorway is suggested to be constructed between Loviisa and Kotka.

The construction for extending the Helsinki metro line to the west will start in 2010. In 2011-2015 the government will contribute EUR 200 million at the most, to the metro construction. The project will incur no costs to the government in 2010.

The Ministry proposes EUR 533 million for road management appropriations, of which EUR 227 million would be invested in maintaining the road network. The proposed appropriations aim at maintaining the current level of the main roads and other busy roads. An appropriation of EUR 23 million is proposed for maintaining and improving private roads.