The Boat Register to be maintained by Trafi in the future

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 5.6.2014 14.34
News item
Boats at a jetty (Photo: Rodeo)
Boats at a jetty (Photo: Rodeo)

The task of maintaining the Boat Register will be transferred from the Local Register Offices to Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi as part of efforts to concentrate vehicle registers to a single agency.

In the future, Trafi will be in charge of organising registration activities and making decisions related to registrations. The support services required to organise the registration activities will be outsourced to public or private organisations.

The act will not result in changes in the purpose of the Boat Register or the grounds for registering a boat or its engine, nor will it contain new exemptions to the duty to register a boat.

Even though the task of maintaining the boat register is transferred to Trafi, citizens will not have to re-register a boat already entered in the boat register, obtain a new registration certificate or get a new registration number for a boat.

The act is to come into effect on 1 August 2014.