Road user charging systems to be explored

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 23.10.2012 15.00
News item

The working group on fair and intelligent transport has launched an international process to map out the opportunities and impacts of road user charging systems. The working group will seek the views of system suppliers on what type of a fair and intelligent road user charging system, linked to time, place and transport choices, would be suitable to Finland.

Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen released a Call for Papers requesting proposals on different technologies at the ITS World Congress in Vienna on 23 October.

"I consider exploring ways to implement transport pricing in a fair manner to be one of the top priorities of my term in office. With the help of technology, we strive towards fairer transport pricing for Finland of the future," Minister Kyllönen said.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications holds a seminar on 31 January 2013 for the purpose of consulting system suppliers about possible system solutions or subsystems. The solution to be implemented must be compatible with the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) and it should exploit the opportunities of intelligent transport and intelligent vehicles in a versatile and unprejudiced way, in order to reach transport policy goals and ensure fairness.

The working group on fair and intelligent transport, chaired by Jorma Ollila, is to produce recommendations for the next Government proposing how to go forward with a national transport pricing system based on vehicle locationing. Issues to be examined by the working group will include technology, transport, economy and legislation related questions of road charging.