Registration for auction of 5G frequencies is now open

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 11.7.2018 13.07
Press release
Photo: LVM
Photo: LVM

The Finnish Government issued on 11 July an invitation to apply for electronic communications licences for the purpose of providing telecommunications services within the 3.5 GHz spectrum (3410-3800 MHz). The spectrum can be used for wireless broadband nationwide in mainland Finland from the beginning of 2019, and it is well suited for the construction of the first 5G networks in Finland.

The licences will be granted through an auction process. The auction is scheduled to begin on 26 September 2018. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority is responsible for the practical arrangements of the auction.

An enterprise, organisation or association that wishes to take part in the auction must register at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority by no later than 17 August. A total of three licences will be granted, and each enterprise, organisation or association may be issued with only one licence.

The starting price for the frequencies to be auctioned is EUR 21,000,000 or EUR 23,000,000, depending on the frequency band in question and its properties. Those registering for the auction will be charged a participation fee of EUR 40,000.

The licences aim to facilitate the introduction of 5G mobile technology in Finland and improve the quality and capacity of high-speed wireless broadband connections. 5G is a next generation mobile communications technology that enables faster wireless connections and more reliable data transfer with shorter delays.

5G is expected to bring new services and business opportunities to the transport sector and industry, for example. The licences to be auctioned include an obligation to transfer frequencies for research and product development purposes. More information about the terms and conditions of the operating licences is given in the notice of invitation for applications.

The previous spectrum auctions were held in Finland in 2009, 2013 and 2016.

What next?

Those wishing to take part in the auction must register at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority by no later than 17 August. The names of the enterprises, organisations or associations registered for the auction and other registration information are not accessible to the public before the conclusion of the auction process. The winning bids will be disclosed after the auction process has been concluded.


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