Ms Pia Viitanen Finland's new Minister of Housing and Communications

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 24.5.2013 12.20
News item

On 24 May the President of the Republic announced the appointment of Ms Pia Viitanen, Member of Parliament, as Finland's new Minister of Housing and Communications. Ms Viitanen, 46, is a fourth-term MP, elected from the Pirkanmaa constituency. She is a Master of Administrative Sciences.

Ms Viitanen is Chair of the Party Council of the Social Democratic Party and a member of the parliamentary Grand Committee, Finance Committee, Tax Sub-committee, Municipal and Health Affairs Committee, and Supervisory Council of the Bank of Finland.

She served in the Administrative Council of the Finnish Broadcasting Company in 1999-2011.

Ms Krista Kiuru, the previous Minister of Housing and Communications, transfers to the post of Minister of Education.