Minister Risikko: Evaluation of changes in transport operating environment a part of normal official business

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 12.8.2014 13.57
News item
Aeroplane (Photo: Rodeo)
Aeroplane (Photo: Rodeo)

It is part of the normal activities of ministries to evaluate the changes in the operational environment, as well as their impact. The impact of possible Russian counter-sanctions on different forms of transport has been evaluated as a part of normal official business at the Ministry of Transport and Communications as well. In this connection, the effects on air transport have also been evaluated, Minister of Transport and Local Government Paula Risikko says. Air transport is of considerable importance for Finland because of our geographical location. Air transport to Asia allows for direct and versatile connections to different continents, especially inside Europe. There is no international agreement that would prevent Russia from deciding on the use of its own airspace. "Russia's press reported last week on possible countermeasures concerning air transport. We have not received any kind of official confirmation on possible countermeasures. We feel that it is important that air transport between Finland and Russia should continue without any disturbances", Risikko says.