Lighter application procedure for mobile television licences

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 21.12.2005 13.55
Press release

A working group that has examined the regulation of mobile television services submitted its proposal on 20 December 2005 to Ms Susanna Huovinen, Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland.

The group, which was chaired by Ms Liisa Ero from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, suggests the following:

· The aim is to have several programme operators in the mobile television multiplex.
· The application procedure for mobile television programme licences will be made lighter.
· The programme licences for the multiplex would be granted by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.
· Except for the licensing procedure, the regulation applied to conventional television programmes could be applied to mobile television programmes as well.
· Other than television and radio services could be provided in the mobile television network without a licence. These could include information services such as sports results.
· It is important that the capacity of the mobile television network will not be in the hands of just one operator.
· Conventional television and radio programmes could simultaneously and unaltered be sent in the mobile television network without a separate licence.

It is the intention that mobile television services will be provided in the new, fourth digital multiplex, for which a network licence is open for applications until 31 January 2006.

The mobile television network will use DVB-H technology.

For further information please contact:
Ms Liisa Ero, Deputy Director-General, working group chair,
tel. +358 9 160 28461, +358 50 555 0072
Ms Asta Virtaniemi, Ministerial Adviser, working group secretary,
tel. +358 9 160 28608, +358 40 519 6762