Legislative amendments due to the Vienna Agreement on periodical technical inspections in progress

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 1.9.2020 13.00
Press release
Trucks at a port in Helsinki. (Photo: quiggyt4/Shutterstock)
Trucks at a port in Helsinki. (Photo: quiggyt4/Shutterstock)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is preparing special provisions on periodical technical inspections of electric, hybrid and gas vehicles. The provisions are required, because the Vienna Agreement on inspections of vehicles has been amended. The new provisions would promote road safety and the climate objectives in transport, but would not have an impact on inspection intervals or prices.

As a result of the special provisions, there would be new items to be tested in the periodical inspections of electric, hybrid and gas vehicles. The aim is to increase vehicle safety. The items would include the electronic power train or gas installation of a vehicle. The introduction of the special provisions would also support the wider use of alternative power sources in the future.

Bringing the amendments to the Agreement into force would also facilitate international transport services and operations. When acceding to the Vienna Agreement, the countries have agreed to mutually recognise the periodical technical inspections carried out in the signatory countries, which means that there is no need to demonstrate the roadworthiness of a vehicle by any other means.

In order to bring the changes of the Vienna Agreement into force, the Åland Islands will have to agree to them, because

according to the Act on the Autonomy of Åland, road transport falls within the region's legislative power.

The amendments to the periodical technical inspections of the Vienna Agreement of the United Nations European Economic Commission entered into force in 2019. In Finland, the amendments are scheduled to enter into force in spring 2021.


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