Government to increase investments in basic transport infrastructure management

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 11.3.2008 16.17
News item

The Finnish Government has decided to make considerable supplementary allocations to basic transport infrastructure management. In the government discussion on spending limits a decision was also made to launch a transport investment programme which is included in a Government report on transport policy to be submitted to Parliament.

Additional investments of 165 million euros will be allocated to basic transport infrastructure management during this parliamentary term. This supplementary appropriation will also help to secure the supply of timber for the forest industry. Furthermore, 60 million euros of the appropriations for the basic transport infrastructure management will be earmarked to securing the supply of timber.

The additional funding will be used to promote the Government's aim of ensuring 15 million cubic metres of timber for the forest industry.

The Government proposes that 80 million euros be allocated to transport network development during this parliamentary term, in addition to the present allocation of 28.7 million euros. Thus there will be 108.7 million euros for new projects during this parliamentary term.

The funding will be used for launching a transport investment programme for 2008-2011, which will include 17 new transport investment projects. The biggest transport infrastructure projects in the next few years will include repair works on the motorway E18 between Helsinki and the Finnish-Russian border, a metro link between Helsinki and Espoo, and a railway connection to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

The investment programme relates to a report on transport policy that the Government will submit to Parliament on 27 March.