Finland chooses OFDM for a wireless broadband network

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 22.6.2005 0.00
Press release
The Government of Finland has granted an operating licence to build a new digital mobile communications network. Flash-OFDM was chosen as the technology for the network. This is the first time in the world the technology will be taken in extensive use in mobile networks.

The Government granted the licence to Digita Oy on 22 June 2005. The network will be built using the frequency released from NMT 450 service.

Digita will be a network operator only. A condition is attached to the licence according to which it has to lease the network to all service providers on equal conditions.

Ms Leena L u h t a n e n, Minister of Transport and Communications, says that this decision will implement the national broadband strategy's focal points on promoting mobile broadband.

Minister Luhtanen believes that this choice of technology is progressive even on international scale.

Alternative technology option was CDMA. OFDM has originally been planned for Internet use, which is considered to be its advantage. For example in phone calls the VoIP protocol is being used.

Digita is committed to build the network in three stages. The first stage includes sparsely populated areas, such as Lapland and Eastern Finland, the archipelago and coastal areas. That will be completed in September 2006. Nearly all of Finland will be covered by December 2007 and the last shadow regions by September 2009.

Altogether seven operators applied for the operating licence. Five of them offered OFDM technology.

For further information please contact:
Mr Antti Kohtala, Director of Unit for Networks and Competition, tel. +358 500 812 505