EU transport ministers call for long-term action on climate and transport

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 20.9.2019 18.59
Press release
Minister Sanna Marin and Minna Kivimäki, Deputy Permanent Representative (Photo: Council of the European Union)
Minister Sanna Marin and Minna Kivimäki, Deputy Permanent Representative (Photo: Council of the European Union)

"The transport sector plays a major role in mitigating climate change. EU transport ministers made it clear today that we need significant changes already in the near future. The ministers called for a long-term strategy for reducing transport emissions," says Minister of Transport and Communications Sanna Marin.

European Union transport ministers met in Brussels on 20 September 2019. Minister Marin chaired the meeting.

EU transport ministers discussed the role of transport in the EU's long-term climate strategy. As the country holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU, Finland wants to promote the carbon neutrality goal for 2050.

"Our discussions were encouraging, and there was an agreement across member states that it is important to discuss these issues. A number of solutions to cut transport emissions were mentioned. Among other solutions it was suggested that we promote walking and cycling, use alternative fuels, boost digital transformation and automation, develop rail transport and create more efficient solutions," says Minister Marin.

"The transition to a climate-neutral society is a major challenge, but it also creates new opportunities for Europe to boost its competitiveness and create new jobs," says Minister Marin.

"The discussions we had among EU transport ministers give a good basis for reaching an agreement between the member states and the European Council on the EU's long-term climate goals by the end of 2019," says Minister Marin.

Transport is a major source of climate emissions.

"Transport solutions have a direct impact on people's everyday lives. EU citizens are concerned about the climate and call us for action. Thousands of people were out demonstrating for climate protection in Brussels today. As political decision-makers our job is to set the direction for future action," says Minister Marin.

This was the first time the Transport Council discussed comprehensively the emission reduction measures for different modes of transport.


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