Driving Licence Decree amended

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 22.10.2020 13.46
Press release
(Photo: Shutterstock)
(Photo: Shutterstock)

The Government has amended the Decree on Driving Licences, which concerns, among other things, exemptions from the restrictions on the right to drive vehicles with automatic transmission. The amendments are based on the European Commission Directive. The amended Decree was issued on 22 October 2020 and will enter into force on 1 November 2020.

According to the Driving Licence Act, a person who has completed a driving or handling test using a car with automatic transmission, is, as a rule, only qualified to drive an automatic transmission car corresponding to the category of the examination. This is based on the EU Driving Licence Directive.

Provisions on any exemptions to these are issued by government decree. The exemptions allow a person, who has taken the driving test using a vehicle with automatic transmission, to drive a vehicle with manual transmission, if it belongs to the same vehicle category.  The exemptions apply to situations when the existing right to drive is extended.

The amendment to the Decree extends the exemptions so that after a person has passed a driving test in a vehicle category of BE, C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1 or D1E using a vehicle with automatic transmission, they are also allowed to drive a vehicle with manual transmission, provided that they have previously passed a driving test for one of the categories listed above or for category B using a vehicle with manual transmission. The amendment applies to new rights to drive.

At the same time, the requirements for the vehicles to be used in the tests in vehicle category A2 will be amended so that the engine cylinder capacity is in line with the Directive and must be at least 245 cubic centimetres. The amendment will improve the availability of the vehicles used in the tests. The amendment would also allow those trained in the Defence Forces to receive the A2 category right to drive.


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