Connection quality and content development new focal points in broadband policy

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 3.2.2005 0.00
Press release
High-speed and affordable broadband connections are becoming available to all Finns, including those living in remote areas. Thus the focal points in broadband policy will be shifted towards connection quality and content development.

On 3 February 2005 the Government made a resolution specifying the objectives of the national broadband strategy. A broadband working group that monitors the strategy submitted its first annual report in December 2004.

Already around 94 per cent of Finns are able to access broadband services through a fixed network. Regional and municipal broadband strategies have promoted the availability of connections. The Government resolution aims to accommodate regional planning and national broadband policy.

Investing in the development of wireless broadband also improves connections in sparsely populated areas. According to the resolution, this will be considered when the rights to use the frequencies released from NMT450 mobile phones will be granted.

The greatest challenge in the information society development is that services provided on the net interest a wide circle of citizens. It is also very important to ensure that competition on the communications market is efficient. Therefore, the Government also wants to monitor that public funding is allocated as instructed.

It is the aim of the national broadband strategy that by the end of this year there will be one million broadband subscriptions in Finland. In this resolution, the aim has been specified so that the speed of a majority of these connections would be at least 2 Mbps. By the end of 2007, the most widespread connection speed would be 8 Mbps and 90 per cent of Internet connections would be broadband.

The resolution promises to promote the introduction of Internet calls and Internet multimedia. The need for broadband connections in health care services and at hospitals will be examined as well.

According to the Government broadband strategy Finland is a European leader in the availability and use of broadband services. This target will be achieved if Finland will continue to be among the four most advanced European countries. It is the wish of the Government that by the end of 2007 Finland will become one of the international leaders in the use of high-speed telecommunications connections.