Comments invited on the need to amend the Postal Act

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 19.1.2021 10.30
Press release
(Photo: Shutterstock)
(Photo: Shutterstock)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications invites comments on a memorandum on the current situation and future challenges in the postal market, the main contents of the Postal Act and the possible need to amend it.

The memorandum is based on the final report of a working group appointed by the Government. The report was published in August 2020. The purpose of the memorandum is to present the content and progress of the legislative project and to request the views of stakeholders.

The task of the working group was to examine the options for securing the mail and newspaper delivery throughout the country as well as the delivery of mail in sparsely populated areas and archipelago.

The memorandum presents proposals in line with the conclusions of the working group. It also includes suggestions that arose during the preparations on how to amend the Postal Act to better meet the current situation, future development and the changing needs of users.

The memorandum discusses how the Postal Act could be changed and does not address in more detail the support for newspaper delivery that is currently also under preparation at the Ministry.

Next steps

The deadline for comments is 15 February 2021. Organisations and private individuals are invited to comment online or by email [email protected]. The comments are public.

Following the consultation round, Ministry officials will continue the preparations for the Act. A draft government proposal on the matter is to be sent for comments in spring 2021. Before that a public hearing will be arranged for stakeholders. The Government proposal is to be submitted in autumn 2021.


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