Changing licence terms for telecom operators: 2G technology to be maintained until end of 2029

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 7.12.2023 14.19 | Published in English on 11.12.2023 at 15.36
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On 7 December 2023, the Government decided to amend the 2G network licence terms. Telecommunications operators will now be expected to maintain 2G technology until the end of 2029. Operators may then, if they so wish, adopt newer technologies in the frequency bands currently reserved for 2G technology.

To make the transition to newer technologies as controlled as possible, the licence also imposes an obligation on telecom operators to inform Traficom, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, well in advance of their plans to phase out 2G technology.
Controlled decommissioning of 2G networks will enable telecom operators to switch to more advanced network technologies slightly faster. It will also give 2G network users enough time to replace their devices.

The Government's decision amends the terms and conditions of licences granted on 13 December 2018. Under the old terms, companies were expected to maintain 2G technology until the end of 2033. The terms also required the Government to review the licences in 2023. The Ministry of Transport and Communications therefore requested comments on the matter in mid-2023.

Meters and control devices use 2G network

Telecom operator licences require that voice and data services in 2G network cover 99 per cent of the population in mainland Finland. Licences have been granted to DNA Oyj, Elisa Oyj and Telia Finland Oyj for the 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz frequency bands.

The amount of data circulating in the 2G network is relativity small because newer technologies are more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly. However, many meters and control devices with a long lifecycle continue to use the 2G network, for example for electricity and water supply. 

The 2G network is also used by the emergency call system eCall, which under EU regulation can only utilise 2G and 3G networks. The system has been mandatory in all new cars since 2018.

Next steps

The new licence terms will enter into force immediately.


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