Press releases

  • Minister Berner meets WIPO Director General Gurry

    Press release 5.2.2019

    Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner met Francis Gurry, Director General of the UN World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), on 5 February 2019 in Helsinki. At the meeting...

    2019 Anne Berner
  • Competitive tendering in rail transport proceeds, project companies to finance the investments

    Press release 1.2.2019

    The Finnish railway sector is facing a lot of pressure to change. The increasing environmental awareness, requirements of sustainable development and mitigation of climate change call for an...

    Ohjaus Verkot 2019 Anne Berner
  • Permanent winter time the best option for Finland

    Press release 1.2.2019

    Finland supports scrapping seasonal daylight saving. According to the Government's initial position during the EU negotiations, winter time will be the best option for Finland's permanent standard...

    Tieto 2019 Anne Berner
  • Reform of the Act on Electronic Communication launched

    Press release 28.1.2019

    The Ministry of Transport and Communications starts to reform the Act on Electronic Communication Services. To support the work the Ministry has appointed a monitoring group for a term from 28...

    radio Palvelut markkinat 2019
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications and Sámi Parliament discussed again the Arctic railway report

    Press release 25.1.2019

    On 25 January, representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Sámi Parliament discussed the content of the final report and the reports of the sub-working groups on the...

    Verkot rautatiet rautatieliikenne 2019
  • Government wants to ensure the continuation of transport services in no-deal Brexit

    Press release 24.1.2019

    The Government considers it important that in the fields of air transport and road freight transport the European Union will prepare for the consequences of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the...

    Palvelut tavaraliikenne 2019
  • Free flow of data in the EU ensured

    Press release 17.1.2019

    The Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on a framework for the free flow of non-personal data in the European Union obliges Member States to ensure that no unfounded location...

    Tieto 2019 Anne Berner
  • Light cars a safer mobility option for young people

    Press release 17.1.2019

    In Finland, a new vehicle category, light cars, will be introduced. The speed of the vehicles in that category is limited to 60 km per hour. The aim of the introduction is to provide young people...

    Ajokorttikoulutus Palvelut katsastus 2019
  • Broadband access into use in public authority communication services

    Press release 17.1.2019

    In communication services by the public authorities, broadband access will gradually be taken into use. The old network, Finland's Authority Radio Network, will operate alongside the new system...

    Verkot 2019
  • Remote pilotage allowed

    Press release 17.1.2019

    Remote pilotage subject to authorisation will be allowed in those public channels in Finnish waters and in the Saimaa Canal lease area that have been marked as routes requiring pilotage. The...

    Verkot 2019
  • Minister Berner and Director-General Hololei meet in Helsinki

    Press release 17.1.2019

    Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner will meet European Commission Director-General for Mobility and Transport Henrik Hololei on Friday 18 January 2019 in Helsinki.

    2019 Anne Berner
  • Mobile driving licences accepted alongside traditional licences

    Press release 10.1.2019

    The Act on Driving Licences has been amended so that drivers can prove their right to drive using a mobile driving licence. The mobile driving licence is a free, optional service that can be...

    norminpurku Palvelut 2019
  • Maximum length of a vehicle combination 34.5 metres

    Press release 10.1.2019

    The maximum length of a vehicle combination in road traffic will increase from 25.25 to 34.5 metres. The maximum permissible mass remains at 76 tonnes. New type of vehicle combinations that differ...

    Palvelut 2019